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#MakeNine2018 and New Year Sewing Resolutions

Happy New Year and welcome back to my blog!

Anyone who uses Instagram and enjoys sewing is sure to have spotted the Make Nine hastag. I’ve seen #2018makenine and #makenine2018 so I will probably use both just to be on the safe side! I’m not very good at sticking to my sewing plans and intend not to plan too far ahead this year but Make Nine is apparently more of a wish list. I like to think it will be  something to refer back to as the year progresses for inspiration.

It took me a little while to choose my nine, largely because I have a large number of patterns and want to make everything. Eventually, however, I managed to whittle it down.

And here they are…


Top row, from left:

  • Simplicity 8445 1950s blouse
  • Simplicity 8250 1950s skirt and cropped jacket
  •  Clara Bow Blouse by Til the Sun Goes Down

Middle row, from left:

  • Simplicity 1587 1940s dress
  • Simplicity 1653 Amazing Fit wrap dresS
  • Tilly and the Buttons Rosa shirt dress

Bottom row, from left:

  • Butterick B6143 coat
  • Simplicity 8447 1940s dungarees
  • Burda 6990 top

As you can see, I have opted for quite a few retro reproduction patterns. This is because I love vintage style and enjoy incorporating it into my own outfits. Last year, I was thrilled to be selected as the winner of the vintage category of the Simplicity Sewing Challenge, and many of the patterns you can see above I received as part of my prize. The others are patterns I already had in my stash, including the Clara Bow Blouse, which I have made before and really love. IMG_4019

I have tried to choose patterns which will fill gaps in my handmade wardrobe or will introduce new sewing skills. Of course, I wanted a fun project too and that’s where the 1940s dungarees come into it. I love attending 1940s events with my mum and I think it would be great fun to pay tribute to Rosie the Riveter.



All of the patterns featured above are ones I already own, which brings me onto the next part of this post – my New Year Sewing Resolutions. In fact, I only have one and that is not to buy any more patterns*

*unless I find an amazing vintage pattern in a charity shop 

Because I have subscribed to sewing magazines on and off for years and have inherited and been given a lot of patterns, my collection is pretty big to put it mildly. This year I hope to sell a few and give some away to friends, family or charity shops.

Other than that, I hope to continue as I am, sewing as much as possible and sharing my makes with other sewists on social media. If I’m brave enough, I hope to start a sewing vlog on YouTube but it’s a little bit scary! Watch this space 🙂

Thank you again for visiting my blog. I’d love to know your thoughts on my Make Nine selection. Have you made any of these patterns before?

Happy sewing!



4 thoughts on “#MakeNine2018 and New Year Sewing Resolutions

  1. That is a fabulous selection of patterns – I would happily make every one of the patterns you’ve chosen. The coat pattern is glorious and I’m trying not to covet it too much, especially given I bought a coat pattern last year and should really make that one first… And I love that 1940s dress – I’ve just realised it’s the one you’ve posted on your facebook page, too. I was lucky enough to find a 1990s dress pattern that looks extremely forties in style (it even has a jumpsuit version that a Land Girl would have been delighted to wear) and I’m definitely adding that to my list of Things To Sew This Year. There’s something so pleasing about the deceptively simple designs of that era.

    I also have that Burda t-shirt pattern, so I will be interested to see your version when you make it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Katie, thanks for your comment. I hope I manage to make all of these things. I am very good at not sticking to my plans. I am working on my 1940s dress today so hopefully I should be able to share it soon. It is my first time using viscose so I am a bit nervous! I have had that coat pattern for a while now and have been too scared to tackle it. I am hoping 2018 will be the year!! I think I should have chosen a simpler design for my first coat but nevermind xx


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