The Super Sister Pyjamas

Hello there!

Merry Christmas. I hope you had a lovely day and are now enjoying lots of yummy leftovers and festive treats.

This is just a quick post about what is quite possibly my craziest dressmaking project to date. I made my younger sister, Jenny, a pair of Marvel Comics pyjamas for Christmas!


Jenny loves superhero films, especially the Marvel charecters so I thought she would appreciate this rather loud ensemble. I mean, you are never to old for superhero jimjams, right?


To make these oh so fetching pyjamas (modelled by me) I used the Kwik Sew K3553 pattern, which was a free gift with Sew Now magazine. I think it was the July issue. I’ve made the trousers before and you can read more about my first attempt here. Last time, I didn’t have enough material for the top but thankfully that wasn’t the case this time. I went for view B but stuck with the full-length rather than three-quarter-length trousers.


My fabric actually started life as a single duvet cover, which I bought from eBay for £13.49. They are still available to buy here. Duvets can work out as a much more economical way of buying novelty fabric and are definitely worth checking out.


One side of the duvet featured a bigger print than the other and -if you look at the picture above-  you can see that I used the larger print on the shirt and the smaller print on the trousers. I tried with some success to pattern match on the trousers, but it proved too difficult on the shirt, especially as I was trying to ensure Jenny’s favourite characters were in prime positions.


All in all, the pyjamas were super easy to make and I think a speedy sewist could whip these up in an afternoon. As I mentioned the last time I wrote about this pattern, the seam allowance is only 6mm rather than the usual 1.5cm. This was a good thing for me as I sewed the majority of seams using my overlocker to save time.

One thing I LOVE about this pattern is the sleeves. You don’t have to set them in – they just fit! This was an especially wonderful discovery for me as I made the shirt on December 23 and was worried I wouldn’t finish on time.

I will definitely use this pattern again and would certainly recommend it to other sewists. My sister really loved her pyjamas too! 🙂


Pattern Pointers

Watch out for the 6mm seam allowances.


I used both sides of a single duvet cover, sewing thread, four 3/4” buttons and two smaller buttons, which I used to decorate the front of the trousers.

Fit and Alterations 

I cut out the medium size and lengthened the trousers by  four inches.


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