The Alice Pyjamas (Kwik Sew K3553)

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I just wanted to update my blog with a quick post about my most recent make – a lovely pair of pyjama bottoms for my mum. My mum and I share a great love for pyjamas and I was pretty sure she would appreciate a new pair as we head into the winter months.

I decided to use the Kwik Sew K3553 pattern for this make, with the intention of pairing the long leg trousers with the short sleeve shirt. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have enough of the vintage cotton fabric I had set aside for this project to make the shirt.


This was a shame as I really liked the idea of using mustard buttons to compliment the autumnal tones in the fabric. However, there was still enough to make the long trousers and a simple green t-shirt from H&M completed the set.

Although I cannot write a full review of this pattern as I only made half of it, I can highly recommend the K3553 for anyone wishing to make a quick and easy pair of PJ bottoms. I whipped this pair up in less than two hours and I am really pleased with the finished result.


The instructions are really easy to follow and the construction process is also simple. The only change I made was when it came to the casing for the elastic. Instead of the method suggested in the pattern, I folded over the required 2cm and sewed it down minus a small gap to thread the elastic through. This just seemed a more straight forward method.

One thing to look out for is the seam allowance. Most patterns include 1.5cm (5/8”) but this pattern allows just 6mm. This is printed in quite large font on the pieces but I thought I would point it out too as I think it is quite unusual. This actually worked out quite well for me in the end, however, as I sewed up most of the seams using my overlocker.

In terms of fitting, I added an extra four inches to the leg length as my mum and I are both tall. We often find pyjama bottoms are too short, which is why sewing is such a useful skill to have. Most patterns have a lengthening and shortening line and I simply cut the piece at this point and  insert extra pattern paper at the required length. You can see what I mean in the picture below.


As a finishing touch -and to make it obvious which side is which- I added two little buttons to the front from my stash.



I didn’t think it would be fair to ask my mum to pose for pictures in her new PJ bottoms so I took a few pictures of me wearing them instead. I was just about to meet my friends for lunch which explains why my hair and make up are done. I normally look a lot messier when mooching around the house!

Like I said earlier, I am really happy with this make and more importantly my mum, who is called Alice, likes them too. It seemed only right to name them after her 🙂

Pattern Pointers

Watch out for the 6mm seam allowance!


I used about 2.5 metres of vintage cotton from a job lot. It was a very narrow piece though so you might not need as much if your fabric is wider. I also used about a meter of 1cm thick elastic, black thread and two small buttons.

Fit and Alterations

I made this in a medium and lengthened the trousers by four inches.


7 thoughts on “The Alice Pyjamas (Kwik Sew K3553)

  1. They look lovely good fit.
    I find that wide bottom trouser abit of a safety hazzard. I got my foot caught up in the bottom on the leg and fell down the stairs. Therein lies a job for me to narrow my pjs !!!


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