The Birthday Jumpsuit

Hello and welcome back to my blog 🙂

I love to make gifts for my friends and family, and I get very excited when I see some fabric I think would be perfect for them. My friend and former flatmate Laura’s favourite colour is yellow and she loves music, especially jazz and soul. You can imagine my excitement levels when I discovered this AMAZING Art Gallery cotton. Not only is it yellow but check out the musical print.


Laura and I recently agreed to only buy each other TK Maxx vouchers as presents because we are both in full-on nesting mode in our new homes. That went completely out of the window when I spotted this fabric at Goldstitch, my local haberdashery near Durham. Laura’s birthday was in April so I decided I had to make her something with it. The question was, what? I wanted it to be a surprise, which meant no fittings, so it had to be something I had already made for her. A jumpsuit seemed the perfect option. A few years ago I made Laura the jumpsuit from the third Great British Sewing Bee book, Fashion with Fabric, by Claire-Louise Hardie. It’s a fantastic pattern with a lovely frill detail around the top.


Here is Laura wearing the last one, which I made from fabric my grandma gave to me. I love to think of my grandma buying this crazy print back in the 1980s.


I’ve also made a version for me and I plan to hack the pattern later this summer to make a dress.


This pattern is great for beginners who are looking for a bit of a challenge. I think jumpsuits have a real wow factor and can therefore seem a little daunting, but this one is so straightforward. The best thing about it is that there are no zips, buttons or fastenings of any kind. There is simply an elasticated waist, which allows you to step straight into it. The instructions are also extremely clear, with illustrations for every step. As this was the second time I have made it for Laura, my pattern pieces were already traced and cut out, plus I knew what I was doing, so it only took me about a day to make. That said, I’m quite slow and have regular tea breaks so a speedier sewist could probably make it from scratch in the same time, if not less.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of Laura wearing the jumpsuit yet but I took a few photographs of it on the hanger. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and Laura seemed to love it too – yay!





Pattern Pointers

  • I find the sizing in all of the patterns in this book quite generous, which is nice because it makes you feel slim. For this pattern in particular it’s important to look at the finished garment measurements as there is a lot of ease. I tend to be a size 12/14 and made the size 12 for me. However, it is still a bit big around the bust so I think I will cut out a size 10 on top next time and blend out into the 12.
  • I would also recommend measuring your crotch depth or waist to hip measurement. Claire-Louise mentions this at the front of the book but I forgot when I made the one for me. It ended up being a bit short in the body so I had to unpick it at the waist and add some material to the waistband. Luckily, the join was disguised by the elastic casing. To measure crotch depth it’s best to sit on a chair or hard surface and measure from your waist to the chair.
  • This is a wonderful pattern to show off prints. The jazzier the fabric the better I say.
  • The pattern shows you how to do a mini hem for the frill but I used my overlocker to create a rolled hem. If you have an overlocker you might like to give it a try 🙂

Thanks so much for reading my blog. Happy sewing! X




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