Me Made May Pledge


I just wanted to share my very first Me Made Me pledge. I have seen this hashtag circulating on social media for a few years now but always thought the idea was to wear something handmade every day. I was a little daunted as I have only been sewing for a few years and didn’t think I could meet the challenge. However, I recently discovered you can pledge to wear as many things as you like so I decided to give it a go.

My first #mmmay pledge therefore is to wear at least two handmade garments per week. I posted my first outfit on Instagram yesterday. The skirt was made from the Simply Sew wiggle skirt pattern using fabric from an old pair of curtains. It used to be a lot longer but I ripped it climbing into the back of a pickup truck to take a photo for work. This was another fine example of me being dressed inappropriately for the occasion! Thankfully, I think I actually prefer the mini skirt version so it all worked out okay in the end. I have included pictures of both versions below. I’m wearing the same Primark blouse in both pictures.

One of my sewing ambitions this year is to make more casual clothes as I have a tendency to make pretty dresses, which I can’t really wear that much, especially in the winter. Perhaps next year I will be able to take the Me Made Me challenge to the next level!

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