The Winter is Coming Cape

At this time of year all I want to sew are summer dresses, skirts and tops for the warmer months ahead. However, sometimes you have got to be strict with yourself and finish off projects that for whatever reason remain incomplete, despite your initial enthusiasm. And so, after giving myself a stern talking to, I stepped away from the pretty printed cottons and reached for the cut out pieces of a lined wool cape.


Don’t get me wrong. I love this Newlook Project Runway (K6152) pattern. It has a 1960s feel to it which appeals to me, and I really like the handy slits for your arms. I decided to make it in a dark grey wool mix fabric, which appears navy in certain lighting. For the lining, I chose a silver satin to give it a luxurious look. I had hoped to wear it to a wedding last October but that deadline came and went. The reluctance I felt towards making it this month was simply because I would not get to wear it straight away. However, this reluctance faded away as soon as I got started as this pattern truly is a joy to make and it’s super speedy too. I made the entire garment in two evenings and I am thrilled with how it turned out.


As is often the case with darker fabrics, it is difficult to make out the details so I have taken a few closeup pictures too. I particularly like the button fastening. I opted for a button covered in the same fabric because I like the idea of adding a broach and I didn’t want it to look too fussy. The armhole slits are another fantastic detail and are very practical, especially if you have a dog you love to cuddle and pick up.



This pattern is a great choice for anyone who would like to make a coat but feels a bit daunted. It’s a great introduction to working with woollen fabrics and inserting a lining but there are no sleeves or buttonholes and very few pieces to join together. One tip I recommend when using a silk or satin lining is to use tissue paper when pinning, cutting out and sewing the pieces together. It stops the fabric from slipping and provides a neater and more accurate finish. When you have finished stitching, you simply pull the tissue paper away.


I would definitely recommend this pattern to other sewists, especially advanced beginners looking for a new challenge. I do feel a little bit sad that I can’t wear it right now but it’s nice to know it’s in my wardrobe ready for when the weather gets chilly. To quote Game of Thrones “winter is coming” and when it does arrive I have the perfect cape to keep me warm 🙂




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