The Wiggle Skirt

The Wiggle Skirt was popularised in the 1950s by curvaceous starlets such as Marilyn Monroe. Narrower at the hemline than the hips, it results in a sexy wiggle when you walk and the silhouette is flattering for women of many different shapes and sizes. For those blessed with an hourglass figure, the Wiggle Skirt showcases curves to perfection; for those of us who are not so lucky, it creates the illusion of curves in all the right places.


I love this simple Wiggle Skirt pattern by Simply Sew. It was a freebie from Love Sewing Magazine and I have made it four times now. My latest attempt (pictured below) is in a grey polycotton with thin pinstripes and will make its debut at work tomorrow.

IMG_0259As you can see, the skirt nips you in at the waist, comes out at the hips and then slopes back in towards the leg. The pattern is very easy to follow, although it is important to measure yourself first as the sizing is very generous. I made a size 12 but blended into a size 10 at the hemline to further emphasise the shape. I also lengthened the skirt at the lengthening and shortening line as I am very tall (5 ft 11). Further curves are created by two darts at the front and the back. Don’t forget to start at the widest point and sew to the tip but don’t back stitch. Instead, tie the two thread ends into a neat knot. This creates a much smoother finish. The skirt also features an invisible zip. There is advice and a YouTube video in my previous post on this technique.

Below are two other Wiggle Skirts I made using this pattern. The floral one was made from some old cotton curtains, while the red one is from 100% cotton I bought at Boyes. The latter taught me a valuable sewing lesson – ALWAYS PRE-WASH YOUR FABRIC. Sadly I didn’t on this occasion and my lovely red skirt shrunk the first time I washed it 😦


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